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Drive action and impact with purpose-driven content and professional services

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Empower your community with messages that land

It’s challenging to balance government goals with public interests and needs. There’s a lot to consider, but time and budget are hardly ever on the public sector’s side. What if we could offer clarity and specialized resources to help your team overcome the overwhelm and drive a positive impact on your target audience?

Our full-service, woman-owned marketing agency provides creative content, digital marketing, and project management services to help you drive your initiatives with a fresh perspective. Storytelling is our superpower alongside marketing strategy, program development, and problem solving. These strengths extend your team’s capabilities, equipping you with the skills and scale you need to drive engagement, build relationships, and make a meaningful difference to the public you serve.

The Odigo Group for Government

We know that your time and resources are limited. That’s why we offer comprehensive support to streamline processes and maximize impact. Together, let’s navigate the complexities of public service by introducing resources that empower your agency to do more.

  • Creative Development
  • Digital Marketing
  • Professional Services

We interview, workshop, write, edit, build, design, code, film, and produce.

Brand Building

Your brand is how your constituents can get to know you. That’s why it’s essential to define it. Our brand strategists and graphic designers are at your disposal to make your identity consistent, trustworthy, and effective.

Content Development

Content is how you engage the public. And we deliver in all the ways you need − relevant content, relatable graphics, accessible deliverables, empowering messages, consistent branding, and quality at scale. Let us know what you need, and our full-service content creators, editors, and designers can deliver.

Video Production

Visual storytelling is one of the most effective ways to land a message. And it’s pretty universal, overcoming potential barriers like language or accessibility with film and closed captions. Our in-house production teams and storytellers are experts at weaving sound, footage, and animation together to bring content to life.

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We research, stage, launch, target, convert, measure, report, and engage.

Market Research

What matters most to your constituents? Let’s find out! Our digital marketers and content strategists are ready to dig deep to understand audience behavior, preferences, and trends across digital platforms.

Digital Execution & Engagement

If members of your community are connecting on social media, so should you! But it helps to have a plan for growing your digital footprint intentionally and compliantly. Our team of social media experts and account managers want nothing more than to drive your digital agenda with the right tactics, tools, and metrics to reach your goals.

Website Design

Can members of your community easily find you online? Can they access your agency’s services and resources virtually without getting stumped? Our UI/UX designers, developers, and copywriters are happy to help build or optimize your website to make it more accessible, practical, and (why not) beautiful.

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We organize, resource, plan, execute, coordinate, manage, consult, track, and train.

Program Management

It takes a team to bring programs to life. It also takes great skill to implement and document efficient ways of running them. Our seasoned project managers and program directors can solve both those needs, helping you streamline processes and manage resources, budgets, timelines, and people.

Event Planning & Execution

Whether you’re hosting a conference, organizing a fundraiser, or planning a public town hall, we can take the stress out of orchestrating events. Our event planners are pros at handling logistics and coordinating vendors. We pride ourselves on our meticulous attention to detail and shine in organization and communication.


Communicating complex information to the public in a way that is accessible and understandable is hard but essential. And it happens to be our specialty. The decades we’ve spent serving tech enterprises, startups, local businesses, and nonprofits have taught us what it takes to resonate across a spectrum of industries and individual experiences. Together, we can help you elevate the effectiveness of your marketing efforts.

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View our Capability Statement to discover our complete list of competencies, differentiators, and expertise.

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